Like a chicken with a fox...

I'm Yaz, mid 20's. diehard elvis fan since 1993. Love Americana and dreams of a '55 baby pink fleetwood. Incase you're wondering who the pretty yittle thang with the long hair is, that's my Emma.

Rock n roll/rhythm n blues/soul/Motown/classic country/gospel.

Priscilla Presley lashing back at her haters from a response to an FB question, (Q: I was wondering if you could share with us how Elvis proposed? A: it’s in my book Elvis and Me.”)

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Regarding the question about how Elvis proposed, Wow…you guys appear heartless. I assumed many of you had the book already or at least knew someone who did. I felt it would be a more complete description if you all read the exert from the book. Thinking you might enjoy it. Silly me. It’s out of print so, no…it’s not about the money.

The awkward moment when you’re trying to eat a cream meringue in bed…


Priscilla Presley’s hand print is added to a Brazilian music school’s wall of fame, Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 4, 2012.

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Lisa Marie Presley interview on Enough Rope, 2003.

Leisurely walk through work… BAM! Some kid has left a bike on the floor! Fucking sick of these ratchet ass kids coming in here and wrecking my lovingly arranged bikes.

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