Like a chicken with a fox...

Hey i'm yaz :)
Emma is my pretty yittle thang <3

I am a graphic design and illustration student.

I am a huge Elvis and Priscilla Presley fan. Well I say huge... What I really mean is... Im completely obsessed.

Sister act is my favourite film in the whole wide world.

I simply can’t cope.
I LOVE THIS FILM SO DAMN MUCH I COULD CRY! Omg it’s the bit where they clean up the neighbourhood! Omffggg srsly can’t cope right now.

Here’s a compilation of pictures of me looking like a dork. Lmao I’m considering using some of these in my personal work, the funniest is the 4th one down… Oh sweet Jesus.

Welcome to my blog new followers pahaha!

Photobooth fun.


Diana Ross and the Supremes sing β€œCome See About Me,” β€œStop! In The Name Of Love,” β€œYou Can’t Hurry Love,” β€œYou Keep Me Hanging On" and "I Hear A Symphony" on the Ed Sullivan Show on December 4, 1966.

(Source: createyourhistory, via vintagegal)

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